Mrs. Lapp's Philosophy

  Synthesis is the process of creating something new, something unique – and the visual arts is one of the best avenues of exploring this high level of thinking and learning.  During the year, your child will learn about art from different times and cultures, the elements and principles of art, various media and techniques, and how to interpret and evaluate art.  Most importantly, each week for one hour, they will spend most of the time immersed in the process of making art.  We will have an art show in the spring; their art will be displayed in hallways, at the annual art show, and in your homes.
        Each of my elementary art students has a personal portfolio that almost all of their art will be  stored in for the year in the art class.  I will review this portfolio  at the end of each trimester an grade your child on these  criteria:  understanding/ applying skills and concepts, and participation in all activities (this grade relates to your child's work ethic, are they on task and engaged, do they try their best and are they safe and respectful). On the report card, a 4 = Exceeding TSD standards, 3 = Meeting standards, 2 = Approaching standards, and 1 = Does not meet  standards.  The majority of students earn a 2 or 3, with just a few earning a 4 or a 1.  If your child earns a 1 on either grade, we should meet to determine a plan for your child to succeed. 

Since I teach PreK,1,2, and 3rd grade, I plan a collaborative legacy project by the third graders before I send them off to their next art 4th-8th art instructor at TSD.  This legacy mural then hangs permanently in the school halls.  For more information, please refer to the  "LegacyProject" link above. At the end of the year, your child will bring their portfolio home. Because of a lack of storage space, sculptures and pottery will be brought home throughout the year; I may keep some works until the end of the year to display in the art show.  I urge parents to keep this portfolio so that you can look back on your progress in the visual arts over the years.  Also, it is nice to select one art work from the entire year, and have it framed.  Over the years, you can have a wall in your home filled with years of your child's or children's art work!

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