3rd Grader Annual Legacy Projects

3rd Grade Annual Legacy Projects
  Every year, all 3rd grade (80-100 students) classes collaborate on a legacy project that will be on permanent display at TES. 

2018/2019 Lucha Libre Motivational Mural "los niños luchan contra el mundo" or "Kids Wrestle the World" Our school has a thriving bilingual program; and in order to celebrate diversity, we are planning on making a massive mural (probably 8'x16') in the 4/5th stairway at TIS. Lucha Libre translates to "free fight" in Spanish.  Wrestlers were colorful masks while they display high flying maneuvers to overtake their opponents.  While we don't condone fighting, we are using this colorful competitive sport as a metaphor for motivation.  Students will create their own playful bright symmetrical masks that will be paired with positive or motivational quotes that are popular in Mexico. Any words on the mural will be in Spanish. We will read a fun children's book that centers around the sport, it is called Niño Wrestles the World.
2017/2018 Start With Hello Mural- shows 10 children from all over the world saying hello in their native tongue.  One boy says "See Someone Alone, Reach Out and Help; Start with Hello".  This is part of the Sandy Hook Promise to address social isolation and decrease violence in schools.  Students also learned to take a pledge to look for warning signals and report them to adults in order to help our schools stay safe.  This 8'x12' mural hangs in the 5-6th grade stairways at TIS.

2016/2017 Throw-Aways Mural- Inspired by Louise Nevelson, third grade art students will reuse trash to create an abstracted 3D mural that will hang on the 4th grade floor of the new TIS building.  We will complete it in the 4th Quarter.  All four third grade classes will collaborate on one mural.  Within each class, they will assume leadership roles and work in groups of 3 to four on one of the 25 sections of the mural.  The mural should be hanging by the end of the school year!  Come check it out.
2014/2015 and 2015/2016 Oh the Places You'll Go Mural.  This Dr. Suess inspired mural will be a two year project and will be installed in the new wing of the TES in 2016, once completed by two years worth of third graders.
2013/2014  Human Body Mural-This year's three 3rd graders will create three large murals  depicting the physiology of the human body.  We will work on this in May 2014, and the murals will be installed permanently in the gym during the summer.
2012/2013  Fibonacci Series Murals - Students studied patterns found in nature and created four large low relief metal (foil tooling) murals.  These murals hang permanently in our "tech" computer lab + gifted and talented classroom (located on the top floor, next to the art room).  They depict each student's interpretation of a blooming rose, a snail shell, a nautilus, and a sunflower.  Each of these subject matters show a pattern in nature called "The Fibonacci Sequence".

2011/2012 Seasonal Bird Murals- these massive murals made of collaged paper with some painted accents depict indigenous birds that visit the Rocky Mountains. Each of the three third grade classes collaborated on one mural, spring/summer, fall, and winter.  These hang in the top of the back stairway leading to our TES art room.

 2010/2011 Haiku Tree in the reading nook of the TES library.  Each third grader painted an apple blossom and wrote their own apple themed haiku on their flower.  

 2009/2010 Below is a "The Food Pyramid", a huge tile mural in the TES kitchen lunch line. Each tile was created by all the second and third graders with funding from the Art to Remember fund raiser and the Telluride Education Foundation.  Come eat lunch with us, and check it out! 

2008/2009  This is "The Freedom Quilt" made out of fabric by all the third graders.  It shows secret symbols that helped African Americans escape North via the underground railroad.   

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